What are the benefits of the Planthub System

To get more insight into your plants

The Planthub system was developed with the goal in mind to get more insight into the plant needs. This is of course the dream of every grower.
How do I get the plants to perform better. What can I, as a grower, do better and how do i improve my skills, to increase plant value!

This was also the goal of Mark Keulen, owner of SeedCare Seedproductions in the Netherlands and Jeroen Beemster, manager application development and maintenance at Bejo Zaden BV, as they went on a search for an affordable and easy to use solution.

The result of more than a year of research and real time use in the greenhouses of SeedCare, was the inhouse development and construction of the Planthub system.

The Planthub system helps any grower to measure the soil moisture levels, the nutrient levels, plant temperature and light exposure.
And best of all, it is all done wireless!
You can now place 10 sensors anywhere in your company to get all the results on your smartphone or computer anywhere in the world… live!

The Planthub is a game changer for growers worldwide. Finally there is an affordable sollution to get more insight into the plants condition and a way to monitor it live from anyplace, perhaps even together with a consultant that is half a world away.

The Planthub system is extremely easy to install (just plug it in), and the 10 sensors will give the grower way more insurance that the measurments are a good representation of the actual situation of the crop than systems based upon just 1 sensor for double the price that are currently offered in the market.

For just €1400,- (ex Vat) you get a compleet Planthub system with full support,  10 sensors and 2 planthubs ( a remote and a base) and a full year use of the Planthub portal.

The Planthub team is small, flexible and creative, also they are here to stay and to continue the further development of the Planthub system, with new hardware, but also ever improving software. Already a new senor is in use to measure dewpoint difference. Very exciting and usefull in the fight for botrytis free crops with dewpoint alerts on your phone.

If you are interested in joining the Planthub ever growing users base, send us an email and we will be very happy to help you get on your way with the Planthub system.