User guide

How to use the planthub system and planthub-portal

The planthub-portal can be accessed via My Sensors on the bottom menu of the planthub website.

On the planthub-portal you can find a tab structure, with 3 tabs:
Sensors, Hub and Menu

The sensor tab shows the measured values ​​per planthub-remote and its 10 sensors. Each line  of value in this overview can be accessed for a individual graph representation of this measurement.



The Hub tab provides an overview of the existing planthubs and their connection data. These are for analysis and error corrections of the planthub system.



The Menu tab has 5 options: Home, Graphics, Download, Options and Logout

planthub menu example


Graphics offers extensive possibilities for compiling your own graphs. You can really go indept on your data by comparing different measurments and by zooming in.

planthub graphics


Download offers the possibility to store and backup all sensor data externally yourself. So be in control of your own data. The download file is very usefull if you import the file into excel. You are then able to make tables, pivot tables and endless graphics to you liking for analysis.

Options offers a wide possibility to rename  and personalize names of planthubs  and sensors. It also gives the possibility to calibrate, change the order of measurments or set rules per sensor (or average). For example with average moisture, at less than 25% a watering can be placed or an email can be send.



Logout gives the option to log out of the current google account