Planthub product media

Our short introduction video. Just a sample of what to expect from a planthub system. If you are interested after this video, email us! The wifi installation part of this video no longer applicable. We have adjusted to a easier setup via a LAN cable.

A single Planthub sensor placed in a Orchid.

A single Planthub sensor as part of a set of 10 placed in a Primula Acaulis seedproduction. Very usefull in measuring the moisture and deciding on the watering strategie.

A onortodox and creative use of the Planthub sensors. The senor is places horizontal (instead of the normal vertical position) in a 3 liter pot. The sensor is acting more as a waterlevel measurment. It is placed 5 cm below the bottom.

Link to a publication in a online newsletter:  Bloemen- en plantennieuws