How to install a planthub?

First step into a brave new world of plant insight.
The planthub makes use of a personally secured portal. A google account must be available for this reason. If you do not have a google account, it must first be generated via With this account you can log in via the PC, laptop or smartphone to view the measurements. The google email address must first be sent to in order to log in to the portal.

Step two: Installation into the local Wifi network
Before use, both planthubs must be registered on a local Wi-Fi network.
This is done by switching on the planthub. The planthub is now available to be registered in the Wi-Fi network for about 1 minute .

  1. Insert the plug of planthub into a  power socket
  2. The planthub can now be accessed via WiFi for about 1 minute
  3. Search for the planthub name under the Wi-Fi settings
  4. Select the planthub as the Wi-Fi network of choice
  5. Go to the browser and type in the address line
  6. On the page you can select a Wi-Fi network, select the desired local network
  7. Enter the appropriate Wi-Fi password and press Connect
  8. The plant hub is now connected to the internet via the local Wi-Fi network
  9. This operation only needs to be performed once on the planthub base
  10. Failed to log in! Then repeat the steps until a successful login

Step three: Placing the planthub’s and 10 sensors

The planthub’s and sensors can now be placed.

  1. Place the planthub-base on a location within the selected Wi-Fi network range
  2. Go to the location in the company / greenhouse where you want to carry out the plant measurements
  3. The planthub-remote must be placed at the location where you want make your measurements
  4. Provide a power connection for the planthub-remote (extension cord).
  5. It is advisable to place all the sensors next to the planthub-remote for checking good communications first. If all sensors get through on the planthub-portal (wait for 15 to 30 minutes), they can be placed further away from the planthub-remote.
  6. The sensors can now be inserted into the soil in a radius of about 10 to 15 meters around the planthub-remote. (For a correct plant temperature, place the sensor on the north side of the pot).

If all goes well, you can log in to the personal website via The values ​​of all the sensors will have to fill within 30 minutes.