Planthub info

Take more advantage of your plant information by using the planthub,
a new advanced way of remote sensing.

The planthub is a stand-alone system for wireless measurements on plants. The planthub is a unique product because of it’s 10 sensors that communicate via bleutooth with the planthub-remote. The planthub-remote communicates via LoRa (radio signals) with the planthub-base, which transferes all the data to the personal secure planthub portal.

The user can access the planthub-portal to analyze the 4 measurements per individual sensor, and their average values.

The  4 measurements consist of:

  1. soil moisture in % x 10 times
  2. plant temperature in ºC x 10 times
  3. soil ec in S/m x 10 times
  4. light intensity in lux x 10 times

The 40 measurements (10 sensors x 4 measurements each) and there median averages can be viewed anywhere in the world on a mobile phone, laptop or PC.

The sensors have a range of about 10 to 15 meters to the planthub-remote. The range between the planthub-base and the planthub-remote is at least 500 meters.

The planthub system can be easily expanded to multiple sets. For this, only 1 new planthub-remote has to be installed with 10 new sensors.
The planthub-base automatically processes all new sensors. The planhub and sensors are splash-proof. The battery of the sensors will last for approximatly 1 year. Batteries can easily be changed by yourself.

The value of the planthub system should not only be valued based upon it’s sensor hardware, but mainly on the system as a whole. The combination of trustworthy sensors with added value through the planthub system makes all the difference.